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Event Data Recorder Downloads

We are experienced in conducting downloads from EDR’s in all compatible makes and models of motor vehicles.  An event data recorder, frequently called a black box, is installed in almost every motor vehicle and may contain critical information containing pre-crash data.  Based on the manufacturer of the vehicle, some of the info contained in an EDR would include the following: speed, percent throttle, braking, seat belt use, and possibly the steering angle prior to impact.  The data stored in the EDR generally provides the above information in one second intervals up to five seconds prior to the airbag deployment.  This information can be critical when conducting a crash reconstruction.  It is important to remember that the information contained in the EDR is used to enhance a crash reconstruction, and it does NOT replace the need for a crash reconstruction.

Once the information is obtained from the motor vehicle’s event data recorder, the information needs to be analyzed.  We are certified to retrieve and perform an analysis of pre-crash information captured in the event data recorder.  Let us put our expertise to work for you.