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Traffic Safety Research

Welcome to TrafficSafetyResearch.com. We specialize in drug and alcohol related trainings that benefit everyone who attends.  Our instructors have been teaching safety topics to individuals, high school and college staff, businesses, and law enforcement for 25+ years.  Training classes we offer include:

“Alive at 25” Young Driver Awareness Program  Aliveat25.com
New York State Liquor Authority approved “Alcohol Training Awareness Program”
Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors
“Road Trip” Driver Awareness Program Roadtripclass.com
Victim Impact Panel  MadisonCountyStopDWI.com

Our vast experience in all aspects of vehicle operation and our ability to train students on how to identify a drug/alcohol impaired person can greatly reduce your financial exposure. Speeding and alcohol/drug impaired driving are the two main causes of fatal motor vehicle crashes. The ability to recognize an impaired person and to make an informed well-educated decision on how to proceed can not only save you money, but it may also save a life.

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