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Traffic Safety Research

Welcome to TrafficSafetyResearch.com. Traffic Safety Research Inc. specializes in motor vehicle crash reconstruction which includes our ability to download and analyze data stored in (EDR) event data recorders.   The cause of a crash is often disputed because the parties involved are not willing to acknowledge that their actions or inaction actually contributed to the crash.  The science of crash reconstruction is used to help a crash investigator determine why and how a crash occurred.  In order to perform an accurate crash reconstruction, the investigator must pay attention to detail.  We have more than 40 years experience conducting crash investigations and have been recognized by courts as experts in the field of crash reconstruction.  One of the reasons for our success is our attention to detail, combined with honesty and a strong work ethic.  A successful and accurate crash reconstruction can be accomplished by examining all the available evidence related to a crash.  Evidence consists of, but is not limited to, final rest position of involved vehicles, photographs of the crash scene, damage patterns on vehicles, injuries, and statements from witnesses or involved drivers.  

Another excellent resource for obtaining additional information/evidence related to a crash is to download the data stored in the (EDR) event data recorder of the involved vehicles.  Most every motor vehicle contains an (EDR) event data recorder which will capture pre-crash data when the airbag deploys.  The data captured will vary based on factors such as the manufacturer, model year, and specific vehicle model.  Basic information contained in the (EDR) event data recorder can include speed, percentage of throttle, seat belt use, braking, and steering angle.  The captured information is displayed in one-second increments and may show pre-crash data for up to five seconds prior to the airbag deployment.  This information can be critical when investigating a crash.  We are not only certified to download information from event data recorders, but we are also trained and certified to analyze the information.  It is important to remember that the information contained in the EDR is used to enhance a crash reconstruction, and it does NOT replace the need for a crash reconstruction.  Let us put our experience to work for you.  

Our vast experience in all aspects of vehicle operation, and our ability to identify alcohol/drug impaired persons before they operate a motor vehicle makes us a great asset to any person or company who wants to reduce their exposure to lawsuits.  Whether you manage a fleet or just a few vehicles, let us teach you how to limit your liability. Visit our “Training and Services” page to learn more.