Recognizing Impaired Persons 2018-01-05T15:24:27-05:00

Recognizing Impaired Persons

The Recognizing Impaired Persons training course teaches attendees the signs and symptoms of probable alcohol misuse, and the signs and symptoms of probable drug use.

This four hour course provides attendees with the basic knowledge and skills needed to determine whether reasonable suspicion exists to have a subject tested for alcohol and/or drug use.

This course will cover the physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators associated with probable alcohol misuse and/or drug use. There are seven different drug categories, and the categories differ from each other in the type of impairment they produce and how they impair the ability of an individual.  Since the categories produce different types of impairment, they create different signs and symptoms of impairment.  The training will also provide attendees with the most commonly abused drug categories, current trends, and common methods of use associated with each drug category.